Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well today was quite a fun day! Eli got up and we went to see what the Easter Bunny brought him! He loved it! Here is one pic from this morning!

After Mommy got a good nap in, we all got ready, and went to celebrate at Aunt Mi's House! Lots of family were there, and we had a Great time! We had an egg toss, which was fun, but the eggs wouldn't break. Then we played baseball with Hard Boiled eggs! It got chilly after that, so we went in to play games and watch old home movies. Eli is hyped up on Sugar, and getting a little cranky, but we wanted to wish Grandma and Grandpa a very Happy Easter!

Wouldn't be the same with a 'cheese' grin from Eli! And Don't worry, Gramma, Eli got an ENTIRE bag of M&M's from the Easter Bunny!!

Sara, Chad and Eli

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