Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SOOOO busy!

Hey, long time! Well, like May usually is, it has been a very busy month!
We got to visit with Gramma and Grumpa a lot, and Eli really enjoyed that! We spent some time at the track and Eli LOVES Racecars! He had a great time, loved the noise, and even took a nap! He even spent a rainy Carb day out there, and had the best time ever! Mom and Dad got to go to the race (thanks gramma and grumpa!!) We had the best time, and got some sun and got to watch a fun and exciting race!
Eli has lots of friends in the neighborhood, so we've been playing outside a lot! Eli's Vocabulary is expanding greatly! I've never heard a 2 year old say some of the words he says, but he just picks things up and runs with them. Today he was upset because we didn't make it to "Al-Mart". He knows where and what Wal-Mart is, and was mad we didn't get there.
In true little boy fashion, he has banged up knees. He fell 3 times today, alone. He fell once yesterday, once the day before..... etc. You know how little boys are. He doesn't have a slow's all or nothing!
We don't have anything big coming up. Mommy and Eli might visit Wisconsin next weekend. Hee hee....I have a long weekend, and I want to RELAX and do something!!! I also have a week vacation in July, but no plans yet! I have a couple things in mind tho!
On a different note....the Kring Family now belongs to the YMCA! Chad has gone a few times, and I have gone almost every day. We WILL be healthy! I get to to work out most mornings with Miera, and I love having a workout partner. It makes it easier when someone else goes. Eli has taken some time to adjust to their Childwatch, but he's getting to like it a little. Hopefully Eli and I will start swimming soon, so that will be fun for him!

I don't have any pictures to put up today ( I'm at work...shhhh!), but I hope to update again soon!
Sara, Chad and Eli

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