Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm bad at Blogging!

As my Mom so graciously pointed out I "need to do more with that website". I am sorry. I want to do more...but where shall I find the time?

Eli and I spent 6 days in "Consin" with my parents. We had a great time! It was a great visit! I got to help my Mom and Dad a little with their house. They are preparing to sell it, and move here! Eli had a GREAT time with Gramma and Grumpa. He played with the playhouse out back, which Grumpa nicknamed "Eli's Playhouse", and Eli loved it! We just hung out the whole week. I got to visit with my Bestie, Mandy, and that was nice!

Then we came home, and I got sick. For a whole day. Yuck. I got back to work, and took a two day PALS course, and passed! Woohoo! Just another cert I can add to my resume. You never know.
Eli is learning and growing so much. I am so afraid of missing something with him! We tried potty training and using pull-ups. That was a No Go. He just doesn't want to, nor does he get it. But it's ok, he's only 2 and half.
He knows a lot of his letters, most numbers, he knows his colors, shapes, animals, and he is loving Disney characters! We are planning a Disney vacation in October, and we tell him about it alot, hoping he won't be too afraid of the characters. I know he'll still be scared though. I can't wait for my next vacay!
Chad is working a lot!! He gets his 40 hours in at Kroger, and sometimes he gets to Ump a baseball game too. He really enjoys that. Especially because the more he works, the less I ask him to do!

We've been having a really good summer as a family. I love time off with the boys!!
Hopefully I'll get some more pics up on the site soon. I have a ton on my camera ,but for some reason, when I try to download them onto the computer, they get messed up? I'm not sure what that is about! Any ideas? Let me know!

Til later this week....
Sara, Chad and Eli!


MilePost13 said...

Anthony is still on my blog:

Amy E. said...

Hey I wanted to let you know that if you sign up on Anthony's will get an email when the site gets a new update. I look forward to checking my email...Anthony is a neat kid!Have a great weekend.