Monday, August 25, 2008

New Look

Hello all those readers out there! All two of you have missed me, I'm sure!

My Mom Pointed out that it was really hard to read the other blog, so I switched it up. This is nice, you think? I like it!
The Kring's have been busy! I have been working a lot to get to Disney, we hope.
Chad has been working his regular 40 and keeping busy with softball.

Eli....he is such a handsome, funloving kid! We are having a great summer, and enjoying everything with him! We've been to a couple of festivals, we spent a day at the State Fair, and we have been swimmin at the Y. He loves it all! I'm hoping to post some pics soon, I just haven't had the time to make sure my camera is working right!

We are starting to think about Halloween, one of the funnest times of years. Any ideas on what the Kring's should be this year? We'd love ideas!

Love to all!
Sara, Chad and Eli

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