Sunday, December 7, 2008

Unfinished Everything

I hope you all know that I really have the best of intentions. Really. It's just hard with a full time job, Chad, and Eli, to be able to keep up the way I want. I like to spend time with them when I'm off! And let me tell you....this past week at work did NOT allow updates!!...So, without further ado:

We have had a wonderful weekend!! Yesterday Eli and I went to see Bolt. He loved it! I probably would have liked it better if I hadn't fallen asleep, but I was running on very little sleep (ie. an hour). It was Eli's idea, so I looked at times, and took him. He really enjoyed it.

Today we've had a good day. We lounged for awhile, ran to Target and had lunch, and came home to wait for Daddy to come home. When Chad finally got off work, we started cleaning up the corner to get the tree in a new spot this year. We came across all our baby stuff. Eli loves this stuff. I think he enjoys old things now, way more than he did then! Check it out!!

He really enjoyed sitting in the swing! He never enjoyed the swing as a baby. It just wasn't his thing. But all nite tonite he has wanted me to "sing me, mommy!" And it hasn't broken yet!

So we started putting the tree up, and Eli is really into it. We weren't sure if he was still too young, but he has enjoyed us driving and looking at "Kiss-mas Lites!" Every tree, light and snowman, he says "Wook! Kiss-mas lite!" It has been very cute! So, he was really excited when we started putting the tree together and the lights starting coming on!

After lots of work, and no tears, thank goodness, here is our tree!
And, of course, we have the smug-cheese smile. Wouldn't expect anything else! It was so much fun, and it really made us hungry. We've not been grocery shopping for awhile, so he is some of what we had for dinner:

Mmmm, tater tots in the shape of the alphabet! Add a little bologna and you have a Kring dinner. After he got done, this is what it looked like:

He ate everything but his first name! That cracked me up. He's so funny. He really liked it though. We've really been enjoyin him. He hardly ever acts up, and he really does almost anything we ask. We have noticed he's starting to grow up, and it's kinda sad! Instead of say "E-yi" for everything, he's actually using "I" and "me" sometimes. He has to sleep with his closet light on, which is pretty new, and tonight he really stalled at bedtime. "Pease mom, 'nother kiss?" and he knows it'll work. Who can resist that? He has been making his Santa list. He says he's not going to visit Santa, but he knows what he wants Santa to bring. So far, he want's a Wow! Wow! Wubzy video, thomas the train, a carebear, and Bolt. We had to tell him Bolt isn't out yet, but he keeps looking.

Well, that's about all I have for now. I really do plan on writing more, and I hope to finish our vacation story, mostly so Eli can read about it later in life. He still talks about it, and wants to wear Mickey shirts everyday. We hope to spend a day at Disney World next year on our way to Naples with Gram.

Bye for now, check back soon.

Sara, Chad and Eli!

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