Thursday, April 3, 2008

Long time...

OK, updating daily was a big idea for me. Now I'm gonna try for a few times a week. Things got a little hectic for us this week! Chaddy started back to work (Yayyyy!!!) and Gramma and Grupa came to town! Plus, I have been working days all week, which is really nice, but I go back to nights tomorrow.

We did some shopping with my Mom, and we had a great time at the Mall! Eli was GREAT! We stopped at the candy store to get some mini m&m's and those helped a lot.

Eli got to play on some of the little rides in the mall and he had a great time!

He is getting sooo big, and talking so much! He knows all the seven dwarfs, he knows lots of characters, and he loves repeating anything and everything! We watched Alvin and the Chipmunks tonight, and he loved it! He cried when it was over, so that may be the first movie we watch over and over again. I'll keep you updated!

This picture is from tonight! Eli got Chad's slippers and walked all over in them. He was so careful, and he bent over to put the slipper on. It was very cute.

I'll try to update again soon.
Love you all!
Sara, Chad and Eli

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