Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well Hello!

Wow. What a vacation we had! I don't even know where to begin! We left Friday the 10th for a fun-filled week in Orlando, FL. It was a Looooong van ride down, that included a stop in Tennessee at 1 am to see everyone that we could wake up. It was nice to see everyone, including Emma and baby Carley, whom I hadn't met yet! Eli wanted to hold baby Carley. That was cute!!

Chad and I took turns driving, he doing the bulk, and we arrived near our destination. I say near. See, that story goes like this: Chad doesn't like Mapquest. So he 'referenced' our atlas, got us lost and we saw LOTS of scenery twice. :) No, really. It was fine. But we got there, finally, safe and sound. Our condo was very nice!! I'll include pics in a few days, as I am at a computer that doesn't hold my pics (aka work). We unloaded our stuff, took showers (20 hours in a car..yes we needed showers!), and went to dinner. We went to a Chinese Buffet. It was alright, nothing like our favorite place in Noblesville that shut down not too long ago. Then we went to Publix to fill our pantry with food. So did everyone else. Think I'm exaggerating? Oh no. EVERYBODY went. It was a mess! We hurried through with $130 dollars worth of mostly stuff to eat, and partied on to "Gramma's House" as Eli called the Condo.

Then something interesting happened. I still laugh about it. We walked in our condo, and Mom went to the room she and Eli were sharing. She flipped on the light, and started screaming. This little gecko scooted all over the farthest wall. He ran along and hid behind the empty suitcases. Mom flipped out, "oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Chad, come here!!!" Chad was laughing, I was laughing, heck, even Eli was laughing. "Eii see wizard?!" We then found him hiding under Mom's shoe, and he darted back behind the large armour that couldn't be moved. Mom wasn't so happy about all of this. She had no intention of sharing her room with a 2 year old and a lizard! But, there was nothing we could do, so she came out of her room, and we went to putting the groceries away.

As we were relaxing about an hour later, Mom started screaming again. "Sara, get Chad. Where is he. COME HERE NOW!" I told Chad that Mom needed him, that she found the lizard. Boy was I wrong. Nope, no lizard, just a huge ass cockroach. ewwww. I can't even stand to write that word!!!! It grossed me out, and I was stuttering, Telling Chad to get rid of it. At one point it was ON him, and I wanted to Barf. Gross. This is when Eli pulled out his new word. He copied Mom and said "oh my gooness!" and then he said "EWWWWW! Isgusting!" It was the funniest thing I have ever heard my boy say! You haven't lived until you can ask a 2 year old what the bug was, and he screams "EWWW! Is-Gust-Ing!", all the while jumping in his cute little uncoordinated way.

Chad was able to pin the bug, and Mom was so mad she caught it in a plastic bag. I made her put it in the freezer so we could show someone later. After all that...we were able to relax (sorta) and we went to bed pretty early. We were pooped! Who knew driving for so long could put you to sleep!

That's all I have the energy for tonight. "Sunday" and "Day 1 of Disney" will come soon! Check back often!

Love to all,
Sara, Chad and Eli

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