Friday, October 3, 2008

What a Week it will be!

Guess who left for Florida today? Everyone but us! All of Eli's babysitters are in another state! That doesn't do us any good! So, Mommy got to snooze while Eli had a movie day. I didn't feel too terrible about it, as it was cool outside, and not as beautiful as previous days.

I do feel a little bad, because I got a little cranky. But, really, who wouldn't after working a 12 hour shift, and then catching an elbow in the nose because "Lightening McQueen go fast!". So it was naptime after that! Eli gets another movie day next Tuesday, because, again, no babysitters! He enjoys it, but I sure am tired!

We have had a great couple of weeks! Weather is changing, and outside play isn't happening like it was, but we still get out a little here and there. We've been busy cleaning, and playing, and working! The payoff? We leave for Disney next Friday! Eli is very excited to go to "Mickey's House!". He's been talking about it for about 2 weeks! And we can't just mention one character! We go through the whole crew! Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto! We have to mention them all every time. I hope Eli doesn't get too scared of those huge characters!

Last week, Chad, Eli and myself, met our friends Lesley and her little one, Cooper, at the Children's museum. It was a great time! Eli loved it! He didn't pay too much attention to Cooper, but at just 8 months old, Cooper couldn't exactly run around crazy with Eli! We set up the play time because Lesley will be watching Eli two days next week while all my sitters are playing in the ocean!

Well, not much else to say right now. I hope this finds everyone doing wonderfully! Sorry, again, for no pictures. My camera and laptop do NOT get along, and I haven't figured out the problem. I think we are looking towards a digital camera upgrade for Christmas! Hope to hear from everyone soon!

Love to all,
Sara, Chad and Eli

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