Monday, November 3, 2008

Pardon the Interruption...

I realize I've left all of you dangling, waiting for more on our vacation. I promise I'll tell about the rest of the week. I wanted to tell about Halloween first, and cover my Birthday! I can do that. It's my blog!

We had a great Halloween! All of October, we had tried our darndest to get Eli to pick a costume. He wanted nothing to do with anything. Even his most favorite characters he didn't want to wear. After we got back from Disney, he decided that Mickey would be ok. He could be Mickey Mouse with no problems. So, Friday, Halloween Day, Eli and I went to get his costume. They had a Mickey Mouse costume, but it was WAY to big. It never would have fit him. I gently explained that Mickey was too big, and he would have to pick something else. He took that wonderfully. "Ok Mom, Mickey Mouse tooo big." It sounded like he was saying "Mickey Mouse stuu-pid." I just laughed and said yes, it was too big. So we kept looking and found a Mr. Incredible costume that was just his size. He got sooo excited about that one!

"Eii be Mr. 'credible, Mommy? Petty Pease?"
How can you say no to that? How cute is he?! I said sure! We also saw the Buzz Lightyear and Woody costumes. He held those out, as if comparing them, and said "Nope, Eii be Mr. 'credible."

'nuff said about that one. We ran a couple more errands, getting candy for the trick or treaters, looking for cheap last minute decorations, and looking for a pumpkin. That's right folks, we hadn't bought a pumpkin yet. Quite simply, we had SUCH a good time in Disney, we couldn't quite afford a pumpkin yet. No problem, right?

Wrong!!! Oh, so very wrong. There wasn't a pumpkin to be bought in Fishers. I say that because, we stopped at the very nice church on the corner, just down from I-69. They had pumpkins, and they said I could have one. However, they were what was being thrown out because they were all moldy or rotten. mmmm, nothing like moldy pumpkin to cover the dog smell in a house. So, the Kring's went Pumpkin-less.

Hope Eli isn't scarred for life!
He and Chad went trick-or-treating with a couple of the neighbors. After a few houses, Chad said Eli figured out he was getting "Candies!" and he decided to participate willingly. Whew! I was really wantin some good candy this year!

He loved his costume so much...He's still wearing it. Ahh, to be 2 again!
More later...
Sara, Chad and Mr. 'Credible

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